There is a lot of appeal for the condo lifestyle! It is easy to lock up and leave whenever the mood suits, it provides a self-contained community, they provide a sense of security, and there is limited outdoor maintenance. However, Condo Associations can be fraught with conflict, untimely special assessments can be a financial challenge, decisions about budgets and maintenance are usually addressed in a committee and not everyone handles decisions the same way you do. 

That is why you need a condo professional to help you navigate through your options. Just because a condo seems to be a good fit, only doing your homework will allow you the confidence that you are truly making a good buying decision and protecting your investment.  

There are a number of different types of condos in the Greater Milwaukee area: 

  • Large condo buildings 
  • Small condo buildings 
  • Side by side single story condos with some land 
  • Waterfront and waterview 
  • New developments with innovative amenities 
  • 55+ 
  • And more!  

There are many different types to choose from. I look forward to helping you choose the right fit for you. Let’s connect so I can learn about what you are looking for.  


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