How to Prepare Your Home for Sale

How to Prepare Your Home for Sale


The key to selling your home quickly and at the right price is to have it showtime ready! And that means moving out the nonessentials, reviewing each room to make sure it is showing its best, and making sure everything is sparkling clean.  

I recommend starting to pack and put things away in boxes that can be stored in the garage or off site. Unfortunately, we don’t live in our home like we do when we are trying to sell it. In every room, we need to go through and remove and pack away most personal items so that when a prospective buyer comes through the home they can immediately look at the home and not be distracted by the seller’s items.

Here are some items to help you get started:

  • Give home a thorough cleaning 
  • Oil door hinges, tighten door knobs 
  • Have carpets professionally cleaned, or replaced if damaged 
  • Repair dripping faucets and leaky toilets 
  • Replace all burned out light bulbs and clean all light fixtures 
  • Repair defective light switches 
  • Get rid of clutter both inside and out 
  • Cut and edge grass 

  • Trim hedges and weed gardens 
  • Paint, fix or wash railings, steps, storm windows, screens and doors 
  • Clean out the gutters 
  • Wash the windows 
  • Tidy up the garage 
  • Paint, wash and fix garage doors and windows 
  • Touch up all interior paint 

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