Documents Needed For Getting Pre-Approved

Documentation Needed For Getting Pre-Approved


Based on the information you supply, your lender will “prequalify” you for a certain loan amount and property purchase amount. Then the house search can begin with this budget in mind. Once we have a contract you will need to have your loan approved. Documentation for approval may include:

  • Income information for all parties who will be on the loan 
  • Copies of your most recent paystubs 
  • Copies of your W-2s for the last two years 
  • Verbal verification of employment from your employer 
  • Copies of your personal and business tax returns and K1s, if self-employed 

  • Formal credit reports 
  • Explanation for anything on your credit report that may be of concern 
  • Bank account information including documentation of any deposits 
  • Verification of funds in any asset accounts 

I have a several lenders with a number of different programs available. We can find you a lender to best suit your needs.


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