Needs Analysis

As we move through life, our needs change. The kids have grown and moved out of the house.  Pressures at work have decreased or have disappeared completely.  And you have more time than ever to pursue hobbies or travel. That five-bedroom house with the huge backyard was great when the kids were growing up.  But if you find yourself more interested in traveling than trimming or in playing than in polishing, it may be the right time for a move.  

Whether you’re most focused on security, low-maintenance living, or a convenient location, I can help you find unparalleled opportunity to personalize your lifestyle. 

Selling a home at this point in your life may require careful planning.  If your home isn’t priced appropriately for today’s market, you won’t be attracting the buyers you need to protect your nest egg. Seller financing, trusts, estate issues, and tax ramifications are topics that require the knowledge of a team of experts to ensure that you retain the most money from the sale of your home.  

I have served our Greater Milwaukee area for almost two decades and have a strong understanding of the different housing options in order to help you find your right fit.  

  • Right-sized housing – If you are looking for a stand-alone home that is just the right size, there are plenty of options available.  
  • Condos – Downtown condo living is a specialty of mine. There are many different options and amenities and I can be your guide to help you find options that fit your needs.  
  • Assisted Living Communities – There are many options with different niches served, in different areas, and with different amenities.  

I look forward to helping you find just the right housing need for your next chapter.  

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